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Client Testimonials has been a trusted source for a series of deepening, horizon-expanding and mind-blowing experiences. I have changed soo much, more than I ever thought was possible and could not have done it without your support, I feel blessed to find this portal.

Carley, Toronto

That was amazing! We will do that again. Wow, I feel so energized and present, like a big burden dropped from my shoulders.

Mike, Vancouver

I am happier, stronger and wiser! For anyone looking for healing, advice or spiritual guidance, I believe working with would be very beneficial.

Shannon, Calgary

I truly now understand where *home* is and the importance of connecting with it for grounding. I would highly recommend for any kind of issue whether it is physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual!

Dylan, Quebec City

My life in seven months has been totally transformed. I lost my Dad in November 2018, and after his memorial service, I fell into a deep dark hole where I felt disconnected from everything and everyone. After a Tesla Metamorphosis healing series, which took a total of 5 weeks, the dark shadow that cast over me was lifted. I felt a deeper connection to myself and gained a more profound focus on what I wanted in my life. Thank you for helping me out of the darkest time and bringing me back into the light . I have since ordered other healing sessions and continue to experience a sense of harmony and alignment with my life goals and a happier disposition.

Gaelle, Regina

ARTHRITIS IS PAINFUL. I have been running in circles, seeing doctor after doctor in an attempt to find out what this deep horrific pain in my upper body comes from. The pain at times is so debilitating that I cannot do the simple things in life, like open a water bottle or hold a cup of coffee. I feel as if the strength in my body has been totally depleted and since I’m not sleeping comfortably at night, my days are filled with lethargy and constant pain. I was introduced to your platform and ordered the Reiki healing, Within 24 hours, I was pain free for the next 3 days. After speaking with the healer, I now realize that I need to do some internal work along with the continuation of a few healing sessions to help bring my body back into alignment. I look forward to my continuing work with Spiritual Healing.

Joy I - Weyburn


Alisa, San Diego



Service providers are chosen based on credible recommendations and most importantly we test the quality of the service before we place it on the web portal!

If you are a service provider that would like to be part of our web portal, please provide us with information on one of our listed contacts, including references, certificates and certificates of appropriate education and service description of what kind of service you are offering.

Dear users, if you had some excellent experience with the provider that you think that should be introduced on our web-page let us know.

We reward loyalty that we can grow together.





We strictly check the quality of services on our web portal to provide you with an excellent experience.

Since your opinion is important to us, we invite you that after a finished healing session, write as a response, suggestion or comments. Comments can be posted directly under service that you select (REVIEWS), or write your opinion and experience directly through our contact form on the page.

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All energy treatments offered by our team of medical, intuitive and energy healers at Spiritual Healing are given over a long distance.

Due to innate gift and abilities to sense a variety of misalignments in the body, our team of experts have been trained to use a variety of holistic healing methods.

The same te healing techniques used in-person session can be conducted out through long-distance healing.  This practice is facilitated with focus and intent by the healer as a way to clear and rebalance the energetic system as well as treat the diseases.





On Spiritual Healing platform, we offer a full range of Alternative Healings principles which help the client addressed and resolved the root cause of personal issues.

Through the use of remote sessions, our team of Healers work through your energetic body most efficiently to effectively rebalance and heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health concerns.